Housing Choice Voucher

How to apply for housing?

For the Housing Choice Voucher program, we received over 6000 applications in March of 2014 and chose 500 applicants for the current list by a random computerized lottery drawing. Due to many factors, HATC is unable to predict how long an applicant will remain on the waiting list.

Applications for each program’s waiting list are accepted only during open enrollment periods. Open enrollment periods are subject to available funds; therefore once the enrollment periods are open, announcements will be published in local area newspapers as well as publicized through area social service agencies.

Check our website periodically to check when we will be accepting applications during our open enrollment periods. Currently, waiting lists for our HUD assisted programs are closed; therefore neither Public Housing or Housing Choice Voucher programs are accepting applications at this time. During open enrollment we will change our List Status below from 'Closed' to 'Open'.

Program TypeList Status
Public Housing – 1 Bedroom Closed
Public Housing – 2 Bedrooms Closed
Public Housing – 3 Bedrooms Closed
Public Housing – 4 Bedrooms Closed
Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) Closed

Housing Choice Voucher Program
How the Program Works

With funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, HATC’s Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program helps low-income households choose and pay for quality housing in the private market by paying a portion of their rent. Because there are more families who need rental assistance than there are funds available, HATC uses a waiting list to administer the program to eligible families. Generally, when a voucher becomes available, the next family at the top of the waiting list is contacted and screened for eligibility. In some cases, a family may meet certain preference requirements explained in HATC’s HCV Program Administrative Plan. In those cases, HATC might move these families to the top of the waiting list. Once selected from the waiting list, eligible families that meet the income guidelines and fulfill other requirements will receive a voucher. With a voucher, a family pays at least 30 %, but not more than 40% in the first year of any initial lease. HATC pays the difference between the families’ portion of the rent and the amount the landlord requests.

For a listing of affordable housing in Travis County - Click HERE.
For a listing of current units available in Travis County go to www.gosection8.com
For more information about program administration click here: Housing Choice Voucher Administrative Plan 2017

Steps to Take to be a Part of the HCV Program
1.Submit application
6.Await inspection results
2.Pass eligibility screening
7.Await rent decision
3.Attend a voucher briefing
8.Sign the lease
4.Use your voucher to locate housing
9.Move in, pay rent and utilities
5.Turn in Request for Tenancy Approval (RTA) to HATC
10.Be a good tenant
HATC Obligations
  • Review applicants to determine eligibility
  • Explains the rules of the program to families and property owners/ managers
  • Issue vouchers to eligible families
  • Inspect units for compliance with Housing Quality Standards per HUD
  • Determine rent reasonableness for rent approval
  • Establish Housing Assistance Contract (HAP) between HATC and owner/ manager
  • Make timely monthly rental payments to landlord
  • Re-examination of family’s income and family composition annually and/or when the family initiates a change throughout the lease term
  • Terminate families for non compliance with program rules and regulations
  • Ensure owners and families comply with program rules
Voucher Holder Obligations
  • Comply with HCV Program rules and regulations
  • Comply with the terms of their lease
  • Permit housing inspections
  • Report changes in income and household composition within specified time
  • Attend scheduled appointments
  • Provide documents as requested
  • Maintain the unit in good condition throughout the term of the lease
Property Owner Obligations
  • Screen all applicants for suitability as tenants
  • Collect application fees, deposits, and the tenant’s monthly portion of the rent
  • Comply with landlord/tenant and Fair Housing laws
  • Comply with the terms of the lease with the tenant
  • Comply with the terms of the HAP Contract and tenancy addendum
  • Notify the Housing Authority if family vacates the unit and return any housing assistance payment after the family has vacated the unit
  • Make timely repairs to the property
  • Permit inspections
  • Notify the Housing Authority of any owner change immediately to ensure timely payment to appropriate owners
For more information contact the Housing Choice Voucher Program Manager.