Below is a list of FAQs related to your recently submitted Pre-Application for the Housing Choice Voucher Program. Submission dates: July 1, 2022, 8:00 AM– July 8, 2022, 5 PM. The pre application process is closed.

1. When will I know if I was selected? A notice will be mailed to all 500 applicants selected for placement on the waiting list within 45-60 days following July 8. You may also check your status in 45-60 days with the username and password you created at www.waitlistcheck.com .
2. How do I know if my application was submitted? You should have received an email receipt stating your application was submitted following submission of your application. This receipt will also include your username. If you did not receive an emailed receipt with submission status, you may check your status of submission at www.waitlistcheck.com.

3. What if I don’t remember my username and password?
You may reset your password/username by selecting forgot password/username and answering your three security questions. HATC does not have record of any username and password.

4. I submitted incorrect information and need to edit my application. How can I submit those changes?
If you are selected to be placed on the waiting list following the lottery, HATC will send an update form to submit any changes. No changes can be made to the current application submitted.

5. I forgot to add my children to the application, how can I add them?
If you are selected to be placed on the waiting list following the lottery, HATC will send you an update form to submit any changes.

6. I am moving or need to update my address. How can I change my address?
If you are selected to be placed on the waiting list following the lottery, HATC will send a form to submit any changes to include your mailing address. If the letter is returned to HATC as undeliverable or unable to forward by the post office, a notice will be sent to your email address. Ensure that you provide a forwarding address with your post office when you change addresses.

7. I need emergency/immediate housing. How can I obtain a housing choice voucher now?
HATC does not offer immediate housing. If you are selected to be placed on the waiting list, you will receive a notice from HATC regarding your selection status and a lottery number. The number represents where you are on the waiting list. You can check your placement on the list by logging back in with your username and password.

8. I entered incorrect income; how can I make this correction on my application?
If you are selected to be placed on the waiting list following the lottery, HATC will send an update form to submit any changes.

9. I reported my gross income and not what I take home- how can I change that income?
Gross income is correct. You must report ALL GROSS income for ALL individuals in the household to include wages, child support, TANF, Social Security, Disability, Pension or Retirement, Veterans benefits, Death benefits etc.

10. I own assets, do I qualify?
You must report all your assets to include property that you own, property that you have disposed of in the last two years, certificates of deposits, life insurance, etc. If you are offered a voucher, HATC will determine eligibility at that time. Documentation will be requested.

11. What if I fail to report income while on the voucher program?
Once on the program, HUD provides updated income information for all social security numbers listed as housing choice voucher tenants. This income is provided through a report called the Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) Report. If you failed to report income upon admission, HATC will discover this finding and it will be considered fraud. You may be terminated from the program, be reported to the OIG for fraud investigation or be required to repay the rental assistance you should have paid if you had reported the income correctly. If you failed to report income and you would have not qualified had you reported the income, you will immediately be terminated from the program for fraud.

12. When I attempted to apply, the system stated that I didn’t qualify? To qualify you must meet the VERY Low-income qualifications for the year, county, and household size; and at least one person in the household must be a US citizen. Income limits can be found here: https://www.huduser.gov/portal/datasets/il.html

13. When I was completing my application, the system asked that I verify my email. How do I verify my email?
You should have received a link from the www.waitlistcheck.com stating that you need to verify. Click the link to verify. If you did not verify at the time of the application, its possible that you did not receive confirmation of the submission status. Check back with your username and password to verify submission status.

14. I would like a copy of my application; how can I obtain?
HATC does not have copies of your pre application therefore is unable to provide a copy. All the information provided will be uploaded to a software system.

15. If I am selected for placement on the waiting list, how long before I receive a voucher for housing?
If you are selected for placement on the waiting list, you will also be assigned a lottery number. A voucher offer will be sent once a voucher is available and your lottery number reaches the top of the list. HATC has no way of knowing when your name will reach the top or when you will receive a voucher. A form will be placed on the website to update your address, contact number, and email.

16. I submitted a duplicate application; can you delete it?
Duplicate applications will automatically be discarded and NOT included in the random lottery. Only one application per social security number may be submitted.

17. I am currently homeless, disabled, pregnant, fleeing domestic violence, evicted etc. Can I receive immediate housing?
If on the application you selected that you were homeless, disabled and underage of 62, your homeless and disability status will be verified once your name reaches the top of the list. HATC does not offer immediate housing.

18. I don’t understand what I applied for; I need more information about the housing choice voucher program? You may read about the Housing Choice Voucher program and the eligibility requirements on HUD’s website. Here is the link: https://www.hud.gov/topics/housing_choice_voucher_program_section_8

20. I tried to resubmit my application, why couldn’t I?
Only one application per social security number may be submitted. Any updates to the application can be provided later if you are selected for placement.

21. I didn’t apply by the deadline; can I still apply?
July 8, 2022, at 5PM was the final deadline to apply. The application system is closed.

22. When will the waiting list open again? We have no information on the next opening of the waiting list. For housing resources, contact 211. Texas Housing Association website has a comprehensive list of waiting list information for public housing authorities in Texas. Click here for more information. https://www.txtha.org/waitliststatus.php

23. How will you select 500 applications?
Our software company will complete the random lottery and ALL applications submitted successfully will be considered for the lottery.

24. Will I receive a notice if I am not selected for placement on the waiting list?
No. Only the 500 applicants selected will receive a notice in the mail. If you do not receive a notice in the mail 45-60 days following the closing of the wait list process, please check your status with your username and password at www.waitlistcheck.com

25. I submitted a question to HATC regarding my application. Why did I not receive a response?
Due to high volume of emails and calls, this FAQ list will be the primary response to frequently asked questions. Specific questions about your application, will be addressed if selected for placement on the waiting list. This FAQ list will be updated as needed.

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