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We maintain multiple affordable housing developments throughout the Austin area. If you are interested in looking for a property, check out our available locations!


The Housing Authority of Travis County is committed to building and maintaining affordable housing for low to mixed income families in our community, without discrimination. We seek to promote safe neighborhoods, by partnering with individuals and organizations to provide housing, employment opportunities and education benefits for eligible individuals to improve their quality of life.

We completed our first public housing project in 1980, now known as Summit Oaks (24 units). Shortly thereafter, Eastern Oaks (30 units) and Alexander Oaks (51 units) were built. Today, we manage over a hundred different affordable housing units throughout Travis County.


In 2016 we converted 105 of our Public Housing units to the Project-Based Rental Assistance (PBRA) program. Project-Based Rental Assistance is a government program administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and is intended to help low-income residents find affordable housing. It does this by providing financial assistance to landlords or property owners, who then offer reduced rent to eligible low-income tenants. The financial assistance is tied to the unit, so it stays with the unit even if the tenant moves out.

The following are our PBRA properties.

Alexander Oaks

6119 Valiant Circle, Austin, Texas 78749

Eastern Oaks

4922 Nuckols Crossing, Austin, Texas 78744

Summit Oaks

11607 Sierra Nevada, Austin, Texas 78759


Carson Creek Homes

Cool Shadow Del Valle, Texas 78617

Manor Town Senior Apartments

200 W Carrie Manor St Manor Texas, 78653

For more information, please contact the multi-family housing manager.

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